The transportation division of Kimmins is a vital component to our excellent customer service and overall success.  Each mini-wheeler dump truck and roll off truck receives regular maintenance and support 24 hours a day from our in-house dispatch and equipment maintenance facility.

Division Information

  • GPS satellite assistance/tracking in each truck
  • Over 50 vehicles available in the fleet of trucks
  • Different load capacities for hauling
  • Mack Granite series roll offs
  • Mack Granite series dumps
  • Mack single axel (10 ton)
  • Mack transporter – lowbody and landoll
  • Full-service maintenance and garage for reliable service
  • Experienced and professional drivers, dispatchers, and managers

Dump Trucks

Our 18 yard dump trucks are equipped with GPS to track the truck throughout the day. Our trucks are maintained regularly and have full-time support. We pride ourselves on our experienced and professional drivers. Our dump trucks deliver every one of our products and can also haul off concrete, asphalt, sand, dirt and other recyclable aggregate materials.

Truck Manifest

Roll-Off Cans 

Our Roll-off trucks are equipped with GPS to track the trucks throughout the day. Our trucks can haul 10 yd, 20 yd, 30 yd, 40 yd and 50 yd containers. We also have skids for small flat loads. Our trucks are maintained by our own mechanics. We pride ourselves on our experienced and professional drivers, dispatch, and managers. Our roll of services haul many forms of construction material off your jobsites.  Concrete which comes in many forms can be hauled conveniently and is our specialty. Asphalt as roads or parking lots are being torn up and redone.  C&D disposal is a very popular service for our client and we pride ourselves in taking your debris to the correct disposal facility.

Roll-off Request 


We have mack transporters both lowbody and landoll for hire. We provide reliable service with professional drivers. We have also partnered with some of the best in our area so that we can ensure to get your job is completed.