Transcor Recycling Services

Value-added services that you can count on Transcor:

  • Pond excavation – We have excavated many ponds in the Tampa Bay area.  You give us a layout and we will excavate the pond and manage the export of material. If you want, we can do a finish grade to make the project a total turnkey.
  • Borrow pit excavation – We are always seeking a nice piece of property to dig and create a piece of land that can be developed or left for nature to habitat.
  • Scrap removal – We have done many projects where we come in and do a cleanup of old scrap materials, and machinery or work with our sister company and do a full demo of plants, buildings, or other structures.
  • Waste hauling – we handle different forms of waste to be loaded in our trucks and carried to the appropriate facilities for handling. Construction and Demolition materials, unsuitable dirt, horticulture of tree debris, concrete, asphalt, plastic, pipe, or pressure-treated wood. Let us know what you have to haul and we will find a home.
  • Roll-off container hauling – We have trucks ready and able to complete your next roll-off job. We haul a variety of materials in our sized roll-off cans. We can deliver a can for you to fill and then you let us know when you want it picked up for removal or swaps,
  • Rail car destruction – Rail cars can be brought in on one of our two sidings and be destroyed for scrap.
  • Excess material haul-off – We pride ourselves in our relationships with many people in the Tampa Bay area and can normally find a home for excess material off the job site.  All we need to know is the quantity of material and timeframe and we make it happen.
  • Land remediation – We work with environmentalists and engineers to provide a product of remediated land for use as a wetland or similar.


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