Transcor wants to provide rail solutions to clients who don’t have access close to their facilities. We want to help create sustainability for companies who are currently trucking long distances. With rail, more material can be shipped quicker and carbon credits can be counted.

Transcor has two rail sidings that are available for transloading services. The siding can accept high and low side rail cars, bulk dry and wet tankers, and sidecar for pallet offloading. We have a certified FDOT scale for inbound and outbound weights. We have storage capabilities for pre and post loading. Our site is approved by FDOT as a transloading terminal.

At Transcor, our experienced personnel and expertise ensures your cargo reaches its destination safely and economically through our transloading service. Rail to Truck, Rail to Storage, Truck to Rail, and many more combinations.


We offer:

  • An on-site truck scale
  • Two Rail siding with the capacity for 30 cars
  • Professional and knowledgeable staff
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Offloading Equipment – grapple, loader, excavator
  • Outdoor Storage capacity
  • Car Storage and Onsite repair
  • Inside Storage ( under construction)
  • Inventory tracking
  • Material of Service –Inbound and Outbound bulk materials, scrap metal, wood/lumber, alternative fuels, palletized materials, brick, sheetrock, cabinets, equipment, plastics and oversized cargo
  • Car Destruction